• January 7: Joan Drinkwin & Lisa Kaufman, Northwest Straits Foundation; "Cornet Bay Restoration: What's Next?
  • January 21: Michelle Murphy, Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group: Overview of Skagit Fisheries Report and Data Collection - Identifying current and potential restoration projects for Island County MRC.
  • February 4: Members Report: "Salmon Benefit: Too Little, Too Late" Presentation on Holmes Harbor proposal - Dan Matlock and Christine Goodwin.
  • March 4: Barbara Bennett - Washington State University Island County Beach Watchers Program Overview Collaboration and Service focused on the Nearshore Resources of Island County.
  • April 1: Gregg Ridder and Eelgrass team - 2013 Eelgrass Measurement Study in Island County - Summary and Report
  • May 6: Brad Spangler, Snohomish Public Utility District - Admiralty Inlet Pilot Tidal Energy Project
  • June 5: Joint Island MRC/Island Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC) meeting: Loren Brokaw, Restoration Projects Coordinator, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Update on the Leque Island Restoration Project, and Maribeth Crandell, Island County Environmental Health, Review of Whidbey EcoNet
  • July 1: Emily Bishop NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship Intern at NWSC - Developing a survey protocol for monitoring bull kelp using kayaks and other small boats
  • August 5: Blain Reeves, WA State Department of Natural Resources - Presentation and Q&A with DNR on Ghost Shrimp Harvesting
  • September 16: Jason Toft, UW School of Aquatic Fisheries and Science SeaGrant - Nearshore Monitoring Toolbox and Monitoring Integration in Island County
  • October 7: Kelly Zupich - Pigeon Guillemot Survey Report


  • February 5: Dawn Pucci, Island County Lead Entity Coordinator: Updates - Water Resources Inventory Area (WRIA) 6, Salmon Technical Advisory Group, Salmon Recovery Funding Board
  • March 5: Sarah Schmidt - Cornet Bay 2012 restoration update
  • March 5: Dawn Pucci and Kristen Cooley Stavros, Puget Sound Partnership: Island County Salmon Recovery – 2013/2014 Adaptive Management update
  • April 2: Gregg Ridder and the WSU Beach Watcher Eelgrass Monitoring Team, Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA) 6 Eelgrass Survey Update
  • May 7: John Houghton, Ph.D., Senior Principal Marine/Fisheries Biologist Hart Crowser - Puget Sound Shoreline Mitigation Program Lessons LearnedUpdate
  • September 3: Lori Clark, MS, RS, Watershed Planner, Island County Environmenta Health: Island Local Integrating Organization Update
  • October 1: Karen DuBose, Water Quality Specialist, Island County Environmental Health Department of Natural Resources, Surface Water Quality Monitoring Update
  • November 5: Kelly Zupich - Update on Pigieon Guillemot Project
  • December 3: Kate Litle, Washington Sea Grant's Citizen Science Specialist - "Citizen Science - Opportunities and Challenges"


  • January 3: Kathy Van Alstyne: Penn Cove Sea Lettuce Blooms
  • February 7: DuBose and LeGare: Island County surface water quality monitoring
  • March 6: Chris Leurkens: Island Co. Salmon Recovery Program update
  • March 20: Grant Heiken, Julius Budos, Rex Porter: MRC-WRAC joint meeting
  • April 3: Craig Collar: Snohomish PUD tidal energy generation project update
  • May 1: Norma Smith, State Representative Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel of Ocean Acidification
  • September 4: Karen Stewart: Island County Shoreline Master Program Update
  • October 2: Sue Madsen, Program Coordinator Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group
  • November 20: Govinda Rosling, Guillemot Research Group: 2012 Pigeon Guillemot Update and Results
  • December 4: Lori Clark,Watershed Planner, Island Co. Envio. Health: Island Local Integrating Organization Update


  • January 4: Joe Hunt: Lessons Learned and Implications: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
  • February 1: Mike McVay: Public Beach Access on County Right-of-Way
  • March 1: Sally Brown: Penn Cove Stormwater Biofiltration Project
  • April 5: Jan Holmes: WSU Beach Watchers Eelgrass Monitoring Project
  • May 3: Karen Stewart: Island County Shoreline Master Plan Update
  • September 20: Govinda Rosling, 2011 Pigeon Guillemot Survey
  • October 4: Karen Stewart: Island County Shoreline Master Plan Update
  • November 1: Lori Clark: Ala Spit Restoration
  • December 6: Abby Hook: Overview of Port Susan MSA Draft Plan


  • January 05: Jim Somers, Sarah Woehrman: Cornet Bay Seining and Forage Fish Survey
  • February 02: Chris Luerkens: Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) Process
  • February 02: Kyle Murphy: Smith & Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve
  • February 16: Morgan Schneidler: PSP Local Integration Strategy for Whidbey Basin
  • March 02: Craig Collar: Admiralty Inlet Tidal Energy Pilot Project
  • March 02: Linda Pilkey-Jarvis: Washington DOE Oil Spill Program
  • March 16: Terri Klinger: Penn Cove Keystone Project Update
  • April 06: Jan Holmes: Eelgrass Monitoring Project
  • May 04: Kyle Murphy: Smith & Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve
  • June 01: Tikvah Weiner and UW Program on Environment: Penn Cove Water Quality
  • July 06: Govinda Rosling: Pigeon Guillemot project
  • September 07: Chris Luerkens: SRFB and Salmon TAG Update
  • October 05: Govinda Rosling: 2010 Pigeon Guillemot Breeding Study
  • October 19: Aaron Henderson: Island County Clean Water Utility
  • December 07: Micah Wait: Deer Lagoon Project Update
  • December 07: Theresa Kayzar, UW Student Team: Coupeville Phytoremediation Project


  • January 06: Craig Collar: Tidal Energy Generation in Admiralty Inlet
  • February 03: Jim Somers and Bob Buck: Juvenile Salmon Habitat Assessment Project
  • March 03: Scott Ashworth, Susie Richards, Chris Burt, Florian Grainer: SEA Program
  • March 17: Hi Bronson: Port Susan Bay MSA Update
  • April 07: Matt Kukuk: Ala Spit Restoration Project
  • May 05: Suzanne Shull: NWSC Forage Fish Habitat Suitability Mapping Project
  • May 19: Sarah Schmidt: Cornet Bay Restoration Project update
  • August 04: Kiri Kreamer: Pigeon Guillemot Project report
  • September 15: Dan Pedersen: Strategic Plan update
  • September 15: Andrea Copping, Simon Geerlofs: Renewable Ocean Energy Issues
  • October 06: Kyle Murphy: Smith-Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve
  • December 01: Ginger Phalen: Cornet Bay Coop Agreement & other activities of local interest
  • December 15: Kyle Murphy: Smith-Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve process


  • January 15: Cyrilla Cook: Proposal to Establish a Smith-Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve
  • February 19: Jacques White, Robert Warren: San Juan MSA Process and Lessons Learned
  • March 18: Nancy Conard: Coupeville Reclaimed Water Project
  • March 18: UW Luce Fellow Team: Progress Report: Salmon Recovery Adaptive Management
  • April 15: Pat Powell: Land Trust - MRC Projects of Common Interest
  • May 20: Sarah Schmidt: MRC field trip to Cornet Bay
  • June 03: UW Luce Fellow Team: Adaptive Management Annex to Salmon Recovery Plan
  • June 17: Kyle Murphy: Smith-Minor Islands Aquatic Reserve Update
  • September 16: Lynda Lyshall: Whidbey Basin Priority Actions - PSP
  • October 07: Eric Beamer: Camano Island S.P., Possession Beach Estuary Restoration
  • November 04: Kristin Cooley: Puget Sound Partnership
  • December 02: Jan Holmes: Beach Watchers' Eelgrass Project